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Why Thumpstar

We will explain to you why you should choose Thumpstar.

Why Thumpstar? - Introduction

Genuine Thumpstar® is the original mini motorcycle designed for adults, imported in Australia.

Thumpstar was founded 2004 in Australia by a racer named Timothy Hunter. While attending a Trade Fair in late 2003, he stumbled across a pit bike, felt the necessity to import it and make modifications and improvements. In April 2004 he signed a contract with a Taiwanese Company to help build these bikes. Thumpstar was born.

Factory TS1 Parts

Thumpstar Factory TS1 parts are one of the newer changes to our bikes. We got the best guy’s in the industry to put there input into our factory part designs. We have armed our models with these parts and with improved performance and a great design these parts are a giant leap ahead of the competition.

Pipe Bomb – The new Pipe Bomb exhausts add more punch with a great sound. These Exhaust systems have been made with lighter weight materials as well as a redesigned muffle system, increasing exhaust gas flow yet still keeping the sound within required decibel limits. In addition these exhaust systems have been designed shorter, making them less susceptible to crash damage.

VS1 – VS1 proved their products were unrivalled when it comes to soaking up bumps without slowing you down. Whether your sending your bike off jumps or tearing up trails VS1 suspension will keep those unexpected bumps from kicking you off your ride. Specifically designed for Off-Road Bikes.

MX Steeze – When it comes to Handlebars, MX Steeze use cutting-edge technology and materials, Our handlebars are designed to outlast, out-feature and outperform any other handlebar on the market.


Thumpstar goes the extra mile when it comes to production. We can’t share too much of our trade secrets but all our manufacturing in 2016 has been stricter than ever, with a long list of procedures put in place to ensure quality. We have Australian and New Zealand mechanics overseeing assembly. Quality is a priority at Thumpstar as well as customer satisfaction.

The Smaller Details

Thumpstar not only focuses on what’s outside and what can be seen, we also focus on the smaller details which make Thumpstar pull ahead of the competition. Our bolts are torqued up to specifications that our experts have specified using torque formulas.

We apply thread locker to the bolts that need it so you can guarantee these bolts cannot rattle loose. Over years of experience we have identified these bolts that are common for coming loose not only on Thumpstar’s but all makes and models, our guys have experience riding every bike out there and are well aware of which bolts are common for coming loose. We have fixed this issue with either thread locker or mechanical nuts.

Lubricant – We fill our engines with high quality 10W40 semi synthetic motor oil to keep our engines moving parts lubricated and corrosion free.

Grease is applied to the axles and cables are sprayed with our high tech spray on lubricant to get that split second faster on the start gate and guarantee you the hole shot as well as preventing the cables from fraying.

Online Video Workshop

Thumpstar has created video workshops section to help you maintain your Thumpstar and solve most problems.

If you can think of another idea for a video on something not listed, please let us know.

Click here to watch our video tutorial

Live Viewing

Thumpstar now has a new service available where customers can book a video call viewing. Our sales team will show you around the bike, show you any parts you wish to see close up and answer any questions you may have and even hear it run!

Would you like to view a Thumpstar from the comfort of your own home?

We now offer a new service to our customers, where customer can book a video call appointment and view the model of their choice. A great way to see your Thumpstar before you purchase it, especially if you’re not going through a dealer.

To book a viewing please advise which model you are interested in viewing and we will be in touch with a time that suits you, usually within 12 – 72 hours.

FACEBOOK VIDEO CALL: Like then message which bike you would like to see and we will let you know what time we will video call.

APPLE FACETIME VIDEO CALL: Email us at with your apple id email address and we will let you know what time we will video call.

Layby, Finance, & Pre-Order

Laybuy – is the perfect solution for Christmas and Birthday presents. Check out how our layby works here.

Finance – Thumpstar offer finance through Wallet Wizard Finance. Own your very own Thumpstar for as little as $15 per week. Check out our Finance here.

Pre-Order – If a Thumpstar you would like to purchase is not in stock, fear not. Thumpstar offer a pre order option to secure your product, You can view the pre order page here.

Colour & Graphics

Thumpstar’s official colour is Chartruese also known as Neon. All Thumpstars are manufactured this color.

Thumpstar know customisation is important. To have your own unique look Thumpstar offer a range of colour customisations at an affordable price. Plastic colours offered are green, yellow, blue, red, pink, white and black depending on model. Graphics can also be purchased to give a diverse look.

Another good reason to have a second set of plastics and graphics is if you decide to sell your Thumpstar, you can install the original plastics and have the bike like look like-new.

Pipebomb Exhaust
Rev King