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In the unlikely event a problem arises with your Thumpstar, then below is the warranty information. Thumpstar has been around since 2003 and overall has a 1%(1/100) failure rate on engines and 4%(4/100) on the rest of the motorcycle, which are really good statistics. The good thing about the 50cc to 190cc models is they are really basic and easily fixed, so if you are out of warranty then its not going to break the bank, example the worst case scenario is a engine failure, which retail $349 for a brand new 125cc engine.

Thumpstar offers the following Warranties depending on where you purchased the motorcycle and who you purchased it from.

30 Days Parts Warranty

Dealer Extended 6 Months Parts Warranty

Dealer Extended 6 Months Parts and Labour Warranty

To claim on this Warranty we will need the following “Claim Information” emailed to or fill out below form.

Picture of the motorcycle

Picture of the problem

Picture of the VIN number

If it is a engine fault then we require a photo of the engine number

Description of the problem

Standard 30 Days Parts Warranty

Thumpstar offers a 30 day parts only warranty to every customer who assembles or has another person assemble the motorcycle.

Dealer Extended 6 Month PARTS Warranty

Thumpstar will offer an extended 6 months parts warranty for any customer who pays the extra $250 for one of our certified dealers or service agents assemble the motorcycle.

Dealer Extended 6 Month Parts and Labour Warranty

If you would like a full parts and labour warranty in any area of Australia you will need to purchase your motorcycle through one of our certified dealers and negotiate the labour with them before purchase.

Problems outside of Warranty Period

If your motorcycle has a problem outside of the warranty period, please send us the claim information and we can offer factory cost price on parts, we are here to help.

Who pays the freight?

Online Purchase,

If you purchased the motorcycle online, then you will need to return the faulty part back to where you purchased it from, if its a minor part then we will write it off and just replace the part for you. We will cover the cost of the freight back to you.

Dealer Purchase,

If the motorcycle was purchased through a dealer then we first recommend sending us the “claim information” and we will recommend what to do, if we require the part back then you will need to return the part to the dealer and we will cover the cost of the part to either to you or to the dealer.

If you want to file a Warranty Claim, Fill up the form below.