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Tips & Tricks Videos

These videos have been checked over by our Thumpstar mechanics


How To Adjust Chain, Throttle and Clutch Freeplay for all Pit Bike, Mini Moto Dirt Motorcycle.


Pit Bike Running Problems? Here’s a couple quick check tips from thumpstar.

How to check SPARK on a Thumpstar Pit Bike

Quick video on how to check for spark, one of first steps when having a problem with your pit bike

How-to Install a Throttle Governor on a Honda CRF70

Quick guide in installing a Throttle Governor

Oil Cooler Information – Thumpstar (Pit Bike, Minicross, 50cc to 190cc)

Generally it is not recommended, unless you need oil coolers for racing. If you put it on a 125 cc below models, you would need to have an adapter (two holes on it). The ten mill lines will be clamped on to the engine and you’re good to go. Ten ten mill lines is put on the mount in points and is not expensive.
Two lines to choose from (ten mill and eight mill). Zonghsen and Lifen use the ten mill.

Buying a Wheel Information and Tips for Pit Bike Mini Moto

If your buying a wheel for your Pit Bike here is a video to help you make a decision. Check out our shop and see all your options here

How To Check Your Stator and Wiring Information

Here’s a quick video on how to check your stator via a multi metre

Air Filters, Foam Dual Layer, Pod and Airbox Information

38mm air filter – diameter of the carburettor: 38mm; length of the foam: 75mm; total length of the filter: 95mm; generally the same meas for the 3 filters. Diameter of the inner layer: 70mm.
Mesh prevents fire. Make sure you put oil on your air filter. The best brand is Motul air filter oil.
42mm air filter
Angled filter – Sometimes depending on your bike, your filter could stick out.
– Added diam: 110mm; height: 50mm; height with carb: 60mm
Mesh filter is for road-riding and non-dusty conditions. These are also fire-resistant. Measurement: 38mm diameter on the intake. Length including where it mounts on the carburetor is about 80mm. Pod filter is about 65mm. Pod filters are also advertised as mesh filters.
Airbox would stop the mud from getting into the filter. It has a backfire plate and a mesh. It fits on a 50 to 88cc.
To oil the filter without getting your hands dirty, fill the bag with oil and put the air filter inside the bag. You might want to gently squeeze or squash the bag to properly do it without ripping the foam.

How To Install Grips

They may look the same but they have differences. The black grip is super hard while Thumpstar grips are soft. For hard grips, it will be give you blisters after several rides. Thumpstar grips are tacky and soft rubber. These are designed to fit 7/8 handle bars. Measurements: Length: 115mm; diameter: 62mm; Handle bar side: 20mm; funnel sides: 22mm. To take the grip off, you would need an air compressor. Try fitting in the air compressor inside the grip to remove the latter. These are glued on from factory while some may have glued it at home. Put a little bit of petrol inside the grip and slip it in to ensure the grip is placed correctly. The grip wire will fit inside grip indents to help tighten grip against the handle bars.

Thumpstar Pro Hunge CNC frame restoration using 2016 Thumpstar